Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I use Airtune?

All indoor spaces

How do I get Airtune ready

First, pour in the fluid recommended by the manufacturer. 100ml is enough for one full cycle in your vehicle or for a room size ca 30 cubic meters.

Does Airtune work on its own?

After plugging into the power supply, the device is turned on and then works automatically. This can be seen by the red light on the led display.

How long does a full cycle take?

A full cycle lasts about 20 minutes. After finishing , the device automatically switches off, the LED display flashes and signal is given.

What happens during the cycle?

Firstly, the device heats for approx. 3 minutes.After heating up , the first evaporation process occurs. An evaporation process least about 40 seconds and repeats constantly.

Are there any health risks associated with heat fumigation?

The concentration of the fluid is chosen so that it is completely harmless to people when used properly.

Is Airtune safe to use?

Airtune is non-toxic and paraben free

How do I clean the device?

Fill with 100ml of distilled water and switch on the device at a suitable location. Emptying the remaining fluid.

Do I have to buy the machine?

There are rental options available please contact to discuss your specific requirements

Can I get a once off clean?

Yes we can come to your premises and do a one off deep clean. Please contact to discuss your requirements