Summary of the report for the disinfectant effect of an AIRTUNE process

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The well-known Institute of Biochemistry of the University of Applied Science Mannheim
(Germany) has recently tested the disinfectant effect of AIRTUNE. Within this test the
investigations of the Institute confirm that after 1 application the reproduction of
microorganisms – depending on the art of microorganism – can be reduced up to 99,994%.
After a large number of investigations the head of the project Prof. Dr. Lasse Greiner

“In the tests conducted with Airtune, both a reduction of germs and inhibitory action on their
growth was found. This was found for exemplary germs and noteworthy for a mould, which
are known for their health impact. Applying the evaporation was superior to the application of
the liquid alone, which is attributed to the even distribution of the vapour compared to
spraying or other forms of application. Moreover, the likelihood to reach remote and hardly
accessible surfaces is strongly increased. Especially cold spots, prone to water condensation
and formation of microbial nests, are effectively treated. Overall, a general reduction of
microorganisms and reduction of their growth can be achieved by the regular application of
the evaporation.”

This quote in conjunction with the following pictures (abstract of the report) clearly shows the
disinfectant effect after being airtuned

In summary, the investigations of the Institute for Biochemistry Mannheim confirm a very high
disinfecting effect of an application with AIRTUNE.

AIRTUNE – Reaches further, works deeper, goes full steam ahead.