Introducing Green Clean Ireland

GreenClean Ireland is proud to bring Airtune, a non-toxic air purifying system which kills Corona viruses in all indoor spaces, exclusively to the Irish market (including NI).

Living and working with the threat of Covid-19 means the duty of care to keep ourselves, our customers and our clients safe from the spread of disease is paramount. It is now more important than ever that the environments where we live, work and play are as clean and hygienic as possible.

What is it Airtune?

The product of speciality German engineering and micro technology, Airtune is an innovative device that releases a non-toxic, paraben free ‘fog’ into any indoor space to purify the air and rid all surfaces of viruses, bacteria, mould and bad odours. It works to fumigate ventilation systems also.

Unlike other products, Airtune is non-toxic and paraben free, making it safe for residential and any interior use without the risk of irritation or aggravation of respiratory diseases such as asthma.*

How does the device work?

Airtune relies on heat fumigation, which has a larger coverage and deeper effect than conventional cold fumigation or ozone purifiers, i.e., it gets to places other purifiers can’t!

Despite its demanding technology, Airtune is a very simple product to use.

  •  A hot air nebuliser heats up to start an evaporation process, projecting a ‘fog’ into the area. This lasts approximately 40 seconds. The device then heats back up and evaporates again. This cyclic process is repeated several times until all the fluid has been used up.
  • The fluid evaporates at 100°C and settles to cover all areas of the interior, including air ventilation systems, killing viruses including Corona viruses and eliminating odours and mould. Once the area has been well ventilated, it is safe to use. It can also be used repeatedly in the same location

It is suitable for use in all types of residences and interiors including homes, businesses, medical facilities, educational facilities, places of worship, cars, boats and caravans, at regular intervals or when there is a need for deep cleaning and air purification.

Fiona Dowd, Managing Director of Green Clean Ireland says:

“We are delighted to secure distribution for Airtune for the whole of Ireland. Healthy indoor air has never been so important and GreenClean are positioned to deliver the technology to make this a reality for countless businesses and organisations. We are excited to see where this product innovation leads and the possibilities it holds in the current and future fight against the spread of disease and the need for effective air purifiers in our increasingly industrialised world.”